The confidence of injustice

Disclaimer: While my life is completely on track today I see so many people suffering at the hands of others. And I feel angry about that. I feel angry for others even though their problems aren’t my problems… empathy is it’s own kind of monster… but I thought I’d put a voice behind those thoughts


Dearest person who has wronged me,

I want to ask you from where you derive all of your confidence. You have gone out of your way to hurt another soul. You’ve gone out of your way to cause significant harm, sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally and mentally. You’ve blindsided me, you’ve tricked me with your fraudulent ways. You pretended to love me, to be someone near and dear.

You made me trust you just so that you can go about doing your dirty deeds behind my back. You went about performing injustice after injustice. You have so much bad karma, and yet you are so confident.

You’re so confident that you’re invincible. There are so many gaping holes in your story and yet you tell it without flinching. There is so much evidence against you, and yet… there isn’t a glimmer of fear in your eyes.

From where do you get such confidence to do the things you do to people?

How do you feel no shame?

I’ve been wronged, I’ve been hurt, and yet it’s me who sits here considering the worst case scenarios. All the evidence is on my side and yet I tremble in fear every time a situation arises where I have to deal with you again. What if despite everything, you get away with your behavior – reaping the benefits of selfishly hurting someone else.

Good things are supposed to happen to good people, but from your confidence it seems like you don’t fear karma at all. Good things happen to people who take what they want, regardless of positive or negative effect.

I didn’t fight hard… I did what I could to get away from you as quickly as possible… so you didn’t get the punishments you deserved. Everyone who’s been in my shoes, maybe only 10% have fought for justice.

I didn’t get justice. I didn’t seek it because I don’t have the confidence you do. Most people I know didn’t get justice.

I can’t go back in time and fix what’s passed. But I can try to help others fight for justice. Now, regardless of my own safety, regardless of my own fears, regardless of the PTSD it triggers in me… someone must get justice.

If even one person gets justice – then it’ll feel like so did the rest of us.

But for that we need your confidence. If you can be so confident in being wrong, why can’t we be confident in being right?

So again I ask you, from where do you derive all your confidence?


Those who have faced injustice

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