Commemorating the living

It’s a thing we do when someone dies. We’ve all seen it… someone passes away and people have memorials to remember them by.

Or have you ever seen a recently passed’s Facebook page? Hundreds of posts pouring in, memories pouring in, making the deceased sound like he or she was the most incredible and loving person alive. Loved by everyone. Great personality, amazing talents, a spectacular being that everyone was in awe of.

And yet most of us live our lives being insignificant nobodies. Mediocre at best, even on a good day! Most of us just live the daily grind day in and day out till one day we croak.

A lot of us are bullied at some point or another. A lot of us also live this life feeling stressed out, depressed, unimportant, and/or undervalued.

How can that be? How can we all claim to live this seemingly mediocre life if after we die, everyone acts like they loved us as much our parents, partners, and children did?

The other day while reading such comments on a strangers’s Facebook – (God knows how I got there) I had to wonder – what would people write or say about me when I die? And how unfortunate that I couldn’t connect with those people on that level while still alive.

What’s worse is – being dead it wouldn’t matter and I wouldn’t care what people had to say. It wouldn’t make me feel anything. But it would matter so much right now – it would impact how I lived my day to day life. It would be uplifting!

I do genuinely think that when a person feels loved and noticed, he or she does automatically lead his or her life with more positivity.

It is a weird thought, I know. But really… why don’t we spend more time saying nice things about people to their faces while they’re still alive? Maybe not every single day… but maybe put down some raw emotion every once in a while? I guarantee it would have made a difference if the dead knew what people had to say about them when they were still alive.

Just saying!

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