Don’t beg for love

I saw this post this morning – and I felt it to the core. Today I want to take a moment to reach out to all those people experiencing heartbreak secondary to a failed relationship. All around me lately I’ve been seeing people from teenagers to married individuals go through this process of breaking. Most of us know from first hand experience – that this process feels like the end of the world… but it’s not.

During this process there is always one phase that occurs without fail… and that’s begging for love. You cry, you fight, you ask your partner to treat you right, or you ask them to spend more time with you, to prioritize you, to not neglect you. You feel pathetic. But yet they still don’t listen. And it hurts. Somehow it’s your fault for asking to be treated right.

You start to question yourself and wonder if you aren’t good enough. If your partner leaves, you question if love is real, and worst of all you question your morals. Some people let their morals go, let them go for a person who didn’t respect them to begin with. For someone who wasn’t worthy to begin with. If you leave your partner because you were being mistreated, your feelings get in the way and you wonder if it was better to be the scum under their shoes as long as they were still with you.

Don’t do that. Because a person who doesn’t know your Worth isn’t worth your efforts, feelings, or tears. They belong in the trash. And in the past. I firmly believe that there is always someone (or maybe many someone’s) out there who would respect you, and your presence in their life. They would notice the things you do for them, and love you for it. They wouldn’t play games with your feelings or be utterly inconsiderate towards them.

I speak from experience. And let’s be honest… I think most of us have “been there, done that”. In hindsight it feels silly to have given someone so much importance when they just didn’t care.

Truth is when I met Sagar… we had both been through our respective share of hurt emotions… only to realize that no one else ever really mattered in life but us. He fulfilled my prayers (what my soul needed from a partner) and I fulfilled his.

If you are going through something right now, feel sad, go through the motions – but don’t let yourself go. Don’t question yourself. Most importantly, don’t beg for love. The second you have to do that your partner isn’t worthy of you anymore. You’ll find someone who is worthy of your time, and worthy of your love.

Because in a real relationship – you don’t have to beg for love.

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