Dear Squirrel who ran across the street…

Did you die? Or did you survive?

Never before have I ran over an animal while driving. Anytime I’ve ended up in that situation, I’ve managed to swerve around it or slam the brakes.

Today, I’d like to think I dodged it… but I’m not sure. And it’s been on my mind since. Why run across the street when cars are zooming by?? Why cross the street at all?? What is across the street that you can’t get on the side of the street that you’re on??

Ok I know there must be a reason why the squirrel wanted to cross the street… but in that moment I found myself wondering… what was so important for this little guy that he had to cross?? I didn’t feel my car go over anything, and in that flash of a moment I thought I saw it stop, away from my car… perhaps turn around and run back. Horrified I looked looked at my rear view mirror to see if there was any roadkill. I don’t think I saw anything at all…. then again I was also driving at 40mph and had to pay attention to the busy road ahead of me… so I only got a glance.

Then another squirrel crossed my path. Damn it I thought. No I didn’t hit it, I watched it safely cross. I don’t think I hit the first one either… but it got me thinking. Just like us they have intention, they have a thought process.

Just like us, sometimes they want or need to cross the street! Just like us…

They’ve got their day’s work laid out for them!

Sh*t happens!

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”

This quote stuck with me the second I read it a few years ago. How true is it that often times we spend so much time thinking about our futures and how to secure them. We think, “What do I need to do NOW to be happy and comfortable later?!

We plan and we plan… and then nothing goes accordingly. Shit happens! Life changes, decisions change at the spur of a second. Sometimes it’s frustrating, sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise.

I guess considering the uncertainty of things it’s better to just make non-specific plans and just focus on pursuing your own happiness instead. That’s what life has taught me!

My entire childhood I was a staunch planner. Everything had a deadline to be met. For example growing up my plan was “Finish my education early, work, be happily married early, finish having kids by 30”.

My actual life: sure finished education early, but now taking classes at UCLA in a completely different field (❌), had a tumultuous life through my ENTIRE 20s (❌), happily married, but at 29.5 (❌), start thinking about kids AFTER 31 (❌).

Shit happened!

But now, I’ve been better off since the day I stopped planning and started focusing on just being happy. I made plans but didn’t put deadlines on them… and I learned to be more flexible and stress less. Now shit can happen all it wants to… but it doesn’t matter.

I’ll still find a way to be at peace, and be happy ✌🏼