Mind vs Energy

It’s incredible how ones mental state of mind can severely affect their physical ability to do anything.

It really doesn’t even matter if you got plenty of rest.

The past few weeks I’ve found myself pretty beyond stressed out over one thing or another.

Today I stood up to practice dance – and within 3 seconds I was gasping for breath, exhausted, and sat back down.

A healthy girl who dances on a daily basis should not be this physically drained or feel so mentally aloof.

At first I couldn’t understand why I was so tired taking into consideration the fact that I had probably close to 18 hours of sleep over the past 24 hours lol. You can thank flipping from graveyards for that.

Then I realized I have to work on my mental health every day before I work on my physical activities.

I think we all have to.

Because if we are not feeling well up there, then we are using up ALL the energy we have just to function at a baseline normal.

If I’m using up all my energy just to be normal… where am I going to have energy to do any physical activity?!

The big take away here? You have to be happy and relaxed before you can successfully and efficiently complete whatever tasks have been set in front of you.

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