Ignore the beauty, address the Brains

Whoever thinks the following is a self-centered piece is part of the problem. Because it’s written at the expense of sounding self consumed – But I assure you I am not.

———- Begin ———-

There was a time that I sat down and taught myself how to play a relatively complicated piece on the piano and I had posted a clip of it on my social media account.

“You look so pretty!” A boy texted me.

“Ok,” *eye roll* was my response.

There was a time I had solved a really difficult puzzle and was really proud of myself for doing so. Posted a picture about it.

“You look so pretty!” A boy exclaimed.

“Ugh,” was my response.

There was a time I painted a picture, I wrote a poem, I directed a play, I composed a poem, I made a delicious meal, I saved a life at work…

… and yet every single time a comment was made about my physical appearance.

I’m not ungrateful – Dear God, thank you. But besides Sagar saying so,

ITS SO DAMN ANNOYING when that’s all people see.

If a woman participates in a beauty contest, then sure comment on her appearance. If she posts glamour shots on Instagram… yes, for God’s sake tell her about how great she looks. In general… complimenting a woman on her looks is a good thing and a feel good thing for us…


When she has done something artistic or intellectual, it is SO beyond annoying that the skill is completely overlooked.

A skill is shared with the world because we want to showcase it, sure maybe even brag about it…. not because we want to showcase our faces which are only just that. Faces. Superficial.

Dear boy – most of us… We are more than just a pleasant face. We are creative intelligent creatures who crave intellectual stimulation and thrive off of intellectual or artistic discussion. Yes we like to feel attractive, no doubt. But we like our intelligence and our artistic abilities more!

So next time we do something amazing, how about complimenting that first… it’ll really motivate and stimulate us and give you + points in our eyes.

And if you insist on also telling us we are physically attractive – thank you… feel free to mention it as an after thought.


(Except for male significant others. Y’all better be telling your girl she’s smart AND beautiful every moment of every day πŸ˜πŸ˜‰)

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