Conjoined emotions

To see the tears from your own eyes roll down someone else’s face. It’s a pain that hurts the most.

You feel the pain so deeply but have ran out of tears for something that once nearly brought you to an end. You simply don’t care for that thing, but you care for those tears, misspent.

You feel helpless because you so want to do and say the right thing to help but have no idea what to say cause you know how it once felt. You’ve walked a million miles in those shoes before handing them down to the face that now has your tears. You know that no matter what you say it’s not going to make a difference because only time and a change in mindset and perspective will heal what broke.

You feel angry because you see someone shutting down like you almost once did. When shutting down would have been the biggest mistake of your life. Shutting down will be the biggest mistake of their life.

And in that moment you suddenly feel your face and voice go emotionless. Blank. Blank because your mind quickly locks away the memory of how it felt to be broken by something that had no right to break someone as strong as you. Blocks the emotion that could destroy you.


Why me? I didn’t deserve this.

No you don’t. So don’t do that to yourself.

If I could do it, I know so can you.

I rose from the ashes, and you will too.

असाही एक काळ होता जेव्हा माझ्यात झेप घेण्याची हिम्मत नव्हती
पण मी (झेप) घेतली आणि उंच उडाले,

…तू पण उडशील…

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