Are artistic abilities genetic?

I genuinely wonder.

My grandfather was a writer, and a poet. My uncle, my aunt, my father – all exceptional writers and poets.

I don’t consider myself exceptional, but I find peace in writing and pleasure in poetry as well. I find it to be the best way for me to express myself. And the turmoil inside me.

Especially poetry.

Which does come rather easily to me. Especially when I’m feeling feelings.

But considering that from grandfather to his children – one being my father… and from my father to me… that desire to write prose and poetry has always been there.

Or was it passed down?

Was it coded in my genes before birth, that I too would write?

Many times I see at least one kid (if not all) per couple having the talents their parents do if they wish to pursue them.

Dancers birth dancers, musically inclined birth musically inclined, instrument players, singers, athletes even….


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