San Diego, I miss you so much.

I had a life. I had roots. I had established myself as a person, a professional, and a talent in San Diego.

Aside from my personal life/relationship – Who am I here? In a town full of strangers? I took a huge step. I stepped out of my comfort zone into a stranger’s land.

Restarting makes me feel like a nobody. And it feels like this stranger’s land wants me to stay a nobody. When I try to find my footing I have no idea where to step. Where to start!

I’ve never felt more lost than I do today. But I guess that’s what moving to a new town means.

Guess it’s time to pave my own path. Good thing I have the ability to do so. Needing people has never been my thing – I liked it – but I didn’t need it.

One thing for sure though – once I achieve what I need to achieve, however long it takes, I don’t plan on looking back.

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