What makes a L.o.s.e.r

Point: Complacency. A lack of motivation to right the wrongs of life.

We all have shortcomings, and we have all failed at something or another in life. Some more than others, but that’s irrelevant to what I want to say.

The point is we have all failed in some way at some point or another. The difference between a winner and a loser however isn’t that failure, but rather the lack of motivation to acknowledge the failure and try to find a way to reverse it.

The most unattractive person would be the one who allowed his or her failure to turn into quicksand. Once they start sinking, they just continue to sink.

Yes, life gets hard sometimes. I would be one of those people who really knows what that means. Often times a hard life is accompanied by severe depression. I know this based on first hand experience as well! Sometimes life doesn’t give us the tools to get back up. But that’s when you have to go and find them. If you have the tools and just choose to ignore them… well then shame.

Introspect, assess the situation, and find the right people to guide you out of the darkness. It’s not ok to be complacent. It’s not ok to just be “ok” with failure. It’s important to tackle the issue head on. Set aside your ego, ask for help. ASK FOR HELP. But make sure you ask the right people for help. Your gut intuition will cue you in on that.

The solution to this loser-dom is simple. It doesn’t mean you’ll be successful, it just means keep trying. If you fall down, pick yourself up and keep trying.

Which is pretty much why everyone should at least try to refrain from achieving it.

End Point.

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