Here’s to the annual ‘how did this year’ go post as we transition into a new year.

Honestly the answer is “in the blink of an eye”. The thing is, this year was very different from the years in the past decade. Previously, there was a lot of learning, a lot of growing, a lot of changes both externally and internally happening depending on what year it was and what was happening. This year was all about stability.

This year was different in the sense that I reached a place of zen in my life. For once, nothing was different. Except for a few health based hiccups that resolved with time… The year just ended. I’m happier. I’ve become one with whatever wisdom I’ve gained in prior years.

I’m genuinely happy. Yes the people around me have helped, but my happiness for once isn’t dependent on anyone else but myself.

Covid is still going on? – no big deal… it is what it is just keep doing what I can to obstruct it

Life didn’t go as planned? There’s plenty of time and if I run out of time to do whatever, then I’ll just find a better way to replace that time.

People, close ones, who have been given way too many chances just can’t seem to treat me with love, care, respect? It’s okay, can’t force love on someone anyway, I know I’m a good person. I’m happy. I’m thriving. I’m not the problem so I’m not going to entertain the people who don’t deserve to be entertained anymore.

Instead I chose to focus on all the love this year brought has brought me.

A closer relationship with my in laws who believe it or not behave more like blood family than even blood family itself for which I am so blessed.

A husband who plays multiple roles in my life to ensure my safety, security, and stability.

An entire huge long lost branch of my family that we finally reconnected with thanks to genetic testing!

Friends old and new who continue to make me SO happy. I got closer to friends I hadn’t seen in so long. And with all friends, work friends, old work friends, America friends, India friends, kids 10 years younger than me, uncles and aunties 20 years older than me – every interaction felt so much more personal and close. Late night convos, smiles plastered onto our faces because the convos are just too funny. Just too warm. Intimate. Happy. These are the amazing people who fill all the gaps that family and spouses naturally can’t – so guys we have to give more credit to friends than Indian culture usually does. Friends are not outsiders. They are the family we choose with our hearts! It’s the family that is always growing because the heart has an unlimited amount of space!

Basically all in all, except for very few transient things, it was a very normal year (which is abnormal in itself). The only thing that changed is that I finally distanced myself from all things toxic for my health by officially breaking ties with anyone or anything that threatened my sanity, and only allowed the love in my heart to grow.

On this last day on 2021, though the world is still up in flames thanks to COVID, I am finally at peace. It’s a year I’m thankful for 🙏🏼

Now to see what 2022 has to bring.

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