A hate spewing religion – the bad taste left in our mouths.

I want to preface by saying I know some very loving, accepting, good Christians, but unfortunately your fellow Christians have let you down. And the following does mention the unfortunate impression it has left on anyone who does not come from your faith.

Credit: https://www.upbeacon.com/article/2012/04/being-christian-does-not-mean-you-are-a-good-person

As Judge Amy Coney Barrett gets sworn into the Supreme Court, and as the election inches closer… the same thoughts keep swimming around in my mind. The more I read, the more I know, the more questions I ask, unfortunately I’ve come to one conclusion over 30 years.

Christianity and similar faiths are extremely self-centered. They just spread discrimination and hatred against anyone who doesn’t follow them. There I’ve said it. If I’m wrong, show me I’m wrong – and I would gladly love to be shown that I’m wrong because I want to see good in all religions. But on the basis of what I’ve experienced, I cannot say with confidence that most Christians respect anyone else. Only their own agenda. I know this statement is going to offend so many people, but enough is enough. From imposing their views on people, to telling people that there is only one way to go to heaven. Good behavior doesn’t matter because Jesus has died for your sins, but as long as you’re Christian and accept only the Christian God, you will go to heaven. Otherwise, you can be a really good human being in society with upstanding morals and values – but if you’re not Christian… you’re going to hell. What?!? I finally, officially believe that anyone who believes that there is “only one way” has completely missed the point and intention of religion. And I mean this for anyone of any religion. I mean this thought is completely selfish, and self centered. The major point being missed by radicals, is that being tolerant of other peoples choices does not mean you have to agree with them. You do YOU. Live life by your beliefs and morals and values. No one is stopping you from doing so. But other people should equally be allowed to do what they need to do.

Recently I saw several posts from several fellow members of society in which they wrote “Our foundation must be in Christ”. Lol hello! This is America, separation of church and state. Disregarded. Instead they believe that they must shove their religion down everyone else’s throats. If I wrote “our foundation must be in Krishna” or in Allah, or in Buddha, or in any other religious body, hell would break loose. Wouldn’t it? Making any statement like the above is downright disrespectful of people’s ability to decide for themselves what religion or moral code they want to follow for their own moral upliftment. Keep in mind, everyone doesn’t speak the same language right? How many times do we see instructions written in multiple languages? Same message, multiple languages – people read the language they understand. That is the SAME concept with religion. But I could beat this point till it’s in the ground and stubborn, self centered folks still wouldn’t get it.

Recently I read that Judge Coney Barrett’s swearing in is a major win for Conservative Christians. This is scary for America. I mean it’s scary for anyone to make that statement in America. I did read that she doesn’t feel that personal religious beliefs should impact professional decisions… which does give me a small sigh of relief … but truthfully I’m not sure what direction she will actually go. The reason I’m writing this rather long blog today is to make a point that dawned on me last week. Abortion cannot be banned based on personal Christian religious beliefs because it will be unconstitutional. It will also go against other religious beliefs. Hear me out.

For the sake of argument (and I don’t think any Hindu has ever made this argument, but if we want to get technical) – Banning abortions is against my religion. “What?? Hinduism is blasphemy!!” No, no it’s not. Hindus believe in a Karmic cycle, your karma dictates your future benefits as well as punishments. Thus, I quickly tell you a story told in our religion (like your Adam and Eve) but I’ll super summarize it:

Once upon a time a well to do, good King met and fell in love with the god(dess) reincarnate Ganga (today known as the river), proposing marriage to her immediately. Ganga said she would marry him on the condition that he, nor anyone, could question any of her actions, otherwise she would leave him. The King agreed and the two married, living many happy years together, deeply in love. Then one day Ganga became pregnant and the King was overjoyed. Ganga reminded the king of his promise. When the baby was born, to the Kings dismay, she took the baby and put him in the Ganga river (yes effectively killing it). This occurred 7 times to the Kings horror. (And perhaps yours too, but read on). Finally the 8th time, as Ganga took the baby to the river the king finally stopped her and asked the question he said he never would. He said, “No more can I allow you to murder this child. Moreover I should like to put a pertinent question to you. Are you human or a devil incarnate?” Ganga gave a sad smile and replied, “Know me to be the Goddess Ganga adored by the heavenly beings as well as the humans at large. I had to accept this apparently cruel mission paradoxically on compassionate grounds.”

Bewildered the king demanded to know the entire story. Long story short, these 8 babies in a prior life were immortal noble men living in heaven who ended up sinning greatly at the forced requests of their wives (forcefully taking a holy Saint’s cow and cows baby, and a whole slew of drama). Subsequently, they were cursed to live horrible mortal lives from there on. Upon hearing their punishment, they profusely apologized and asked for forgiveness. The Saint reconsidered seeing their plight and gave them the following adjustment to the curse – they would still have to go Earth as mortals, but it would be only for one time (not recurrent). The loophole, since they were otherwise good men, was that instead of living an entire life in misery, they would be born to Ganga and killed immediately after birth, restoring their places as Noble men in heaven. The 8th child however, was a reincarnate of the nobleman who took the initiative in the cow abduction, so he was not completely pardoned and was cursed to live out the entire life. Thus was born Bhishma, a very important character in the Dharmic War, the Mahabharat. But that’s a story for another day.

Anyhow, I’ll now come to the point. Hindus believe that what happens to you in this life, is a result of pending Karma from prior lives. Therefore, by making abortion illegal, you’re possibly stopping a human from paying their karmic dues. Which statistically as we see, most children who would be born in those situations, would end up living a life either severely debilitated, in a broken or dangerous home, without a mother (death by childbirth), or as a ward of the state. Not all, yes, but statistically most. So what’s stopping a Hindu from asking – is this the life they’re living because they’re paying their karmic dues from a past life, and would abortion have been the greater Mercy, by quickly repaying their dues without much suffering? Is forcing a child to be born under the above circumstances actually an act of cruelty?

It seems silly, I’m sure to most of you, but don’t forget that things you believe may seem silly to others as well. My point is 1.) banning abortions, on the basis of separation of church and state, would be unconstitutional if decisions were made based on religious beliefs and 2.) they would actually be forcing people of karmic faiths to behave contradictory to their beliefs. Which again, goes against the entire foundation on which this country was built. I don’t care that the founding fathers were Christian, if they wanted to make this a Christian nation they would have, but they DIDN’T.

So tell me this – if we do base decisions on religion, why not base it off of mine? What makes your religion more important than mine? Oh you don’t want my religion shoved down your throat? Okay, then you keep your beliefs and your Christ to yourself. You live your life the way you see fit. If that means you’d never be okay with your children having an abortion, so be it. If you cannot agree with the homosexual life, then don’t engage in it, yourself. List could go on. I can respect your decisions being made for yourself. But don’t push them on others. Stop spreading intolerance and hate in the name of religion. I’m surprised Christ isn’t flabbergasted by the fact that his teachings are being interpreted in such a way. Because if you really want to argue the rest of us can find enough flaws in your religion too. Hell, there are so many factions to your religion because you guys can’t even come to a common understanding. Other religions have been around for centuries longer and don’t have that issue. Maybe instead take the time to understand what religion is actually supposed to mean, and actually supposed to accomplish. If this blog stings, if it’s offensive, then it’s time to reconsider YOUR views and YOUR actions. Because quite frankly, this is how you treat everyone else, but no one else has had the guts to finally just tell or show you how they feel. So here it is. The way you feel after reading this blog is literally how you extremists make everyone else feel.

All of the above being said, I think I’ve figured out what the problem is. Blindly following a religion, and believing everything preached to be true without understanding the meaning behind it is the problem. This goes for all religions, including mine. As a Hindu, I’ll be the first to tell you (for example) that the story of Adam and Eve is a beautiful story with SO much meaning and SO much to learn/take away. And yet sadly every Christian I’ve asked has told me that all they know about Adam and Eve is that “it’s true, it’s how we originated, and that Adam sinned”. Dear Christians, if you’d like to actually talk about the beautiful message it gives, and the moral take away behind Adam and Eve, let’s talk. If you haven’t thought about the “why is this story in existence” and only believe it to be fact and nothing else – you have sadly missed a very beautiful message. It’s time to ask yourself –

Is this a trend?

K bye.

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