Show offs

You know, it’s incredible how many people will try to buy expensive things but can hardly afford their own life.

Straight up – I don’t get this “show off” mentality. I don’t want the bling-est bling if there is something more worthy that I can buy with that same money.

I’m not trying to buy the most expensive branded clothes, have the latest phone, the newest car, or the shiniest jewelry – if it’s not worth the money.

If I was living hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck – or if I was incapable of truly affording a particular object without a loan or having to make payments – I wouldn’t be walking around judging other people’s property and laughing at how small, old, or boring it is.

Of course, people can decide if they want to go into debt, or borrow money from their parents and then somehow think they’re successful because of their materialistic possessions. But don’t judge me for how I choose to live.

At least I’m paying for everything in my life all by myself, 110%.

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