Lazy Wives

Being a woman, it hurts my gender self respect to write this post… but it’s been a long time coming because I’ve seen the same situation occur repeatedly. I’m going to write about the following image:

Because it’s so true.

So what do these pencils have to do with wives?? I’ll preface by saying I’m not talking about working women, or women who have chosen to not have a job because they have to stay at home and watch their children. I’m also not talking about the women who have a disability or some issue that prevents them from having a job or the women who can’t work given their visa / legal status. Finally, I’m not even talking about the woman who chooses to stays at home for no reason but can at least be a loving supportive spouse to her spouse.

I’m talking about the rich daddy’s girls who have never had to raise a finger in their life. These same daddy’s girls then get married and think that equality must apply everywhere in a marriage except when it applies to them. They fight tooth and nail over this hypocritical “equality”. I’m calling out the women who don’t have the desire to get a job despite being perfectly capable of getting one. The ones who refuse to contribute anything to the household (if not monetary, then at least a loving, nurturing home?!). The ones that embellish themselves with all the latest bling and demand newest / latest technology – all provided by the husband… and when the husband has had enough – then off they go running to daddy. I mean how shameful that “daddy” paid for an expensive education only to have these girls still be a (frankly) financial burden for their parents between the ages of (and yes I’ve literally seen it) 26-33. I mean these ladies LITERALLY sit at home and do nothing – a majority of them childless…. so really I genuinely wonder what they’re doing with their time!

I’m especially calling out the “wives” who leech off of their husbands (for free) and then when things don’t work out, leave their husbands – but continue to demand money (alimony) because marriage is nothing more than a business to them. As if they have a right to their husband’s hard earned money after the marriage has been terminated, and they’ve been nothing more than a burden during the course of the marriage.

I call it Marriage Prostitution.

Especially in India where the law often supports the woman, any lawyer will tell you that marriage and subsequent divorces are the #1 way for women to make free money… literally ruining it for the women who are ACTUALLY struggling or in trouble. Trivializing the struggle of women who have actually suffered domestic violence or an abusive married life.

These are the same ladies who do petty things claiming to do it in the name of “self-respect”. I have one question for them – where is your self respect now? When you are so incapable of earning a single penny that you have to live off of your ex-husband’s money?

It is so easy to look cool when you have done nothing. You can walk around wearing all the bling you want… but you’ll never be able to wear respect.

(Oh, and because it’s a common trend – Shame on these ladies mothers for being horrible role models and influences.)

I am all about feminism and women’s rights, equality and empowerment. But I also feel that to better society you have to call out what’s wrong. Because regardless of my immense support of my gender, what’s wrong is wrong. And I see it.

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