My Worth – Poetry

My Worth

I won’t negotiate my worth with you!

You didn’t birth me, or give me a second life.
You’re not my mother, and I’m not your wife!
You’re not my doctor, lawyer, or teacher.
I don’t even follow you, you’re not my preacher!

You didn’t pick me up when I fell hard,
You didn’t wipe the tears that caught me off guard
You didn’t even hold my hand whenever I was down
Every time I tried to speak, you made me feel like a clown!

So why would I negotiate my worth with you?
Why would I give you so much importance, out of the blue??
This life has given me successes and let me be loved and free
So why would I throw away everything this life has given to me??

It would be foolish to let you take all of that away
I’d rather focus on loving myself every single day

Why would I let you control me and what I would do…

No I WON’T negotiate my worth with you.


Sayli Natu, 8/16/2019

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