Break – poetry


Amidst some pretty stressful times for many people, including myself on all points in life… I just wanted to address that you don’t always know what’s going on with another person… things may not be as they seem. Life may seem perfect for an individual but that doesn’t mean it’s that way on the inside… even with the most loving and supportive people around you… sometimes your mind really is your worst enemy. Especially when you struggle with depression (either genetically or environmentally triggered) – environmental stress factors can eventually become really difficult to deal with. You don’t know what each person is hiding behind their smile.

Be kind to others because everyone is fighting their own private battle…

Just because someone is strong doesn’t mean they are unaffected or not struggling


Smile, “Hello!”, Interaction


Drive, Music, Jam


Shop, Nice things, All mine


Work, Success, Money


Dance, Party, Enjoy


Hugs, Kisses, Romance


Smile, Laugh, I’m ok


Friends, Family, Partner,


All the things in the world, Life is perfect


Yet stress, And loneliness

Overpoweringly break.

”What happened?”,  “Oh no!”

Nowwww everyone’s awake

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