We live in a society where it’s easy to get into something but difficult to get out.

We live in a society where our credentials, potential, morals, values, and personality don’t matter. The only thing that matters is society’s standards.

Suddenly one person’s reputation/image/place in this world is defined by someone else’s actions.

There exists the suffocating claustrophobia created by a black and white world. How is one to stand up again under this pressure?

But some of us are lucky… good past Karma? A good heart?? Because then sometimes someone (or something) comes along who (that) takes the time to show us color 🙂

One thought on “Color

  1. You just need patience! Look at the other side… there are others who are happy that things are different!

    Enjoy this time you have… It is precious! Your own. No one else owns it!

    You are the best! What matters is no self doubt!

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