It was one of those days that I literally just wanted to jump off of a cliff.

So many things to do. Being an independent human is no joke.

For the longest time I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off… errands, work, hobbies, doctor’s appointments just things I need to get done. I’ve been hustling from one place to another, one thing to another, barely remembering to breathe. I don’t have time for breaks right now. But it’s been okay cause I’ve been able to manage.

Tonight however just as I got into my car to get to the next thing I had to do… it just wouldn’t turn on. The battery was fine, but the engine just wouldn’t start. It’s like my car thought it was being broken into, and just killed the engine. I called everyone from friends, to family, to dealership to try and get help… but no one could help me, either they didn’t know what to do or didn’t have the time. That’s when I realized that no matter how independent and capable I am… what I really am is helpless. I realized, as a female,… the importance of having someone there with you. Men just don’t react the way women do no matter the pressure. We balance each other out. When it really comes down to it… I don’t have a single soul here to help me out. I’m in a city far from home… alone.

As I sat in my car bewildered by the situation… all the emotions I had been suppressing within myself, denying, just hit me all at once. As tears rolled down my face,  that feeling and fear of being alone, of being scared, of being… helpless came over me. That feeling of being alone, scared, helpless, and not having a comforting hand to console me and to fix the damn situation left me feeling more frustrated than ever before. I realized how small and insignificant I felt facing this much bigger world… face to face.

I can only thank God that I was at home and didn’t end up stranded in some random parking lot.

Damn situation. Damn life -_- … oh and damn car.

One thought on “Helplessness

  1. You can handle everything! Things happen, like car breaking down. Sometimes even with people in your life you can be on your own and helpless. Nothing to do with if you are a certain gender.

    Thing is there are these small things in life that make you stronger and better.

    One day you will ve amazed what you can handle and easily!

    Stay happy! Stay blessed!

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