How much is too much?

Just a thought:

Competition. Perfection. Grades. Success. Lessons. Growth. Karma.

We’ve always been taught to strive for the best. To work hard. To stare every one of life’s challenges square in the face. We’ve been told to keep getting back up every time life knocks us down. To keep going. We’ve been told to accept everything bad that happens because… hey! Maybe it’s karma! Maybe we did something in a yester-life that resulted in today’s punishment… or maybe it’s a lesson… a challenge to help us grow!

Sometimes, YES we do grow. We do learn. We do advance a level as a human.

But not always. Sometimes, it is too much.

Over this lifetime, we’ve heard so many comments on “oh karma, from a past life” or “Don’t worry, God is watching, god will take care of you” or “God is testing you” etc etc.

Eventually hearing this on repeat gets exhausting. First of all, How many times do you have to keep getting back up before life stops knocking you down?

Secondly, the concept of Karma across lifetimes is completely senseless. If the whole purpose of life (religiously or spiritually speaking) is to attain spiritual perfection then how does being punished for something you don’t even remember doing make sense? We learn and grow when we learn from or are punished for our mistakes… but when we are constantly “punished” and don’t know why… it tends to push us away from walking a so called ‘straight line’.

Sure, the downs are just as important as the ups… but there’s a limit to how much a person can handle. After all, we are only human.

Everything(one) needs polishing. But over polishing can also lead to mishandling causing something or someone to break.

How many and how strenuous of tests must a human go through in life in the pursuit of perfection… before they finally break?

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