Two Kinds of People?

There’s two kinds of people – metaphorically speaking, those who like to play house… and those who know when to play house.

In any given situation… there’s a rushed way to do things vs a particular time to do things. I’ll preface this by saying, there isn’t always a right time to do things – but there is a wrong time to do them.

As I grow up, I realize this more and more in my own life as well as the lives of those around me. There are some people who choose to do certain things when they don’t have the means to do them… diving head first without considering the consequences… and there are people who evaluate their means first…

Then of course, metaphorically speaking, there are people who are too cautious to play house at all. But what fun is not playing at all…


So then I guess there are actually THREE kinds of people 😂

….but in any case, Balance is key.

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