We always forget to take our own advice

Have you ever noticed that? We are so good at giving advice to other people. Sometimes when they ask, and sometimes just cause we want to [randomly lecture others]. Yeah But the question is, why don’t we take that advice ourselves?

As a teenager or younger adult, I always noticed that when a friend was heartbroken we told him or her exactly what he or she need to do, but when it was our turn we wasted a lot of time, energy, and tears doing exactly what we told our friend not to.

“Grown ups” give their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. all sorts of advice. How to study. How to get somewhere in life. How to be a good person. Morals. Ethics. And then if you actually observe their lives you shockingly realize how off track most of them have been over the course of their own life! Doesn’t make anyone a bad person of course, we all fall in this boat. But it’s just funny to notice how fast people are to tell others what to do (with the best of intentions) while not doing it themselves…

So my entire life I’ve always tried to live a life led by example. Not just by talking. I’ve most definitely failed several times but I’d like to think that I have an open enough mind to where I can call myself out for those moments.

But I really do believe more people should try it out in at least the most basic things… leading by example, and not just preaching to sound like a high, mighty, and pious person.

If nothing else at least the words coming out of a persons mouth would be credible 🙏🏻

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