The world we live in today

After multiple incidents today And multiple points – I have to speak up.

1.) Progressivism vs Decency

The world we live in today. Where in the name of progressivism we have given up decency.

Being progressive doesn’t mean we forget how to be decent. True progressives find that balance between decency and progressive. Progressive means we should be able to talk about all topics. Progressive decency means we accept everything exists, we talk about everything openly – but don’t need to literally and intentionally put it on display in the name of being “progressive”.

For example I should be able to talk about the woman’s monthly menstrual cycle educationally, or openly without being ashamed. But I don’t need to show everyone someone’s bloody sanitary napkin or tampon to make my point. Did that paragraph make you uncomfortable? You can connect the rest of the dots yourself (in regards to what I’m saying).

2.) Offensive vs Funny

Secondly – the issue of being offended over every little thing.

All I have to say guys is that toning matters. Whether a statement is offensive or not has to do with 1.) who are you saying it to 2.) what is the tone you’re carrying behind it (pun? satire? Gossip? Complaining? Angry? Stand up comedy? Light comedy? Sarcasm?) 3.) what is the background of that statement? (History, someone’s personal experience, etc)

We live in a decade where everyone is so offended by ever little thing that’s is a wonder we haven’t all just decided to take a vow of silence. No one should say anything. No one should express anything. And especially lo and behold, if you crack a joke.

It’s suffocating.

3.) Open-minded vs Close-minded

Thirdly – close mindedness. In this world of people trying to have a global open mind, we are the most closed minded we’ve ever been as a species.

We have gone so far open minded that we went full circle and are just close minded again.

Previously – drugs, sex, alcohol – shame shame.

Then came the era of “don’t slut shame” “try everything once but don’t get hooked” and “alcohol isn’t that bad”

And today – people are humiliated for being virgins before marriage (prudes), and for not drinking or trying drugs (Borings).

In today world being a Virgin past the age of 18 is shameful and mocked in every single teenage tv show and movie. We live in a world where we encourage, push, an activity but can’t deal with the consequences of that activity. And if anyone refrains from said activity they are humiliated beyond reason even though – it’s quite a responsible decision.

What the hell?? So what’s the difference between “shame shame” and today?? In either case you’re not giving a human respect for their own decisions!

They’re both equally close minded.

Final Comments

I hail from a progressive open minded family… but I refuse to be blind to the extremism even if it is liberal (despite being a liberal). Today in America, the left is equally as extreme and disrespectful as the right.

Once upon a brief time we had it right. We had a good balance between progressive and decent, offensive and comedy, open minded and close minded.

Once upon a time. Not today. Not 50 years ago. Somewhere in between.

But not today.

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