Growing Old – Poetry

Everyone tells me that I look like I’m still in high school. Definitely a compliment as I approach 30 in just the next year and a half. Ugh that just sounds weird. But as I was looking at some old pictures from a decade ago… I realized that while I look exactly the same… something about me definitely looks different. I started wondering… what is it that’s making me look aged despite looking the exact same… On this “I have nothing better to do” Friday afternoon… I then start stalking pictures of my parents and my friends and noticed the same thing about their photos! And I wondered…

What makes us appear aged…
Is it maturity showing upon our face?
Is it the bags under our eyes…
Or is it this life’s fast pace?

Is it that our experiences
Have worn us down…
Or our loss of innocence
(Which makes us frown)

Each new line,
Heck… all the creases…
Split our face
Into several different pieces

We lose our baby fat
And our youthful skin…
Replaced with a roughness…
You just can’t win

The exhaustion shows…
And you can’t go back…
The insecurity grows…
And trust me it’s wack

But I guess it’s best
Not to compare to the past…
Because how I look today
Also isn’t going to last

I guess I shouldn’t call
My present look dirty…
Because 10 years from now
I’ll probably wish I looked 30


Sayli Natu 9/28/2018

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